Friday, 16 April 2010

Photo Call

Hello my little chickens

I am having a quiet week. This is because last week was so busy for me, and I am fatigued.

My only excursion from the garage was to have my photo taken with Susan. Un jouranal in Toowoomba (that is in Australia, which is why is it such a funny name) is writing an article about me, because that is where Susan grew up.

Don't I just look splendid!!


ladybird said...

Hi Célestine, Don't you look spiffy! Can't wait to meet you in May. martine

SweetpeainFrance said...

Bonjour Célestine,
I have discovered that you write as gracefully as you do when you wend your way through the narrow winding lanes of the Loire Valley. It has been interesting to read your February, March and April blog entries. I hope that you transport many people in their pleasurable tours. Keep healthy and warm!