Sunday, 21 March 2010

Je roule

bonjour mes petits choux

It was so nice - the road beneath my wheels, the not too cold air rushing over my bodywork, the sun gleaming off my chromework... Yes, we had a little run in the countryside, just Simon and I. It was so much better than just having my engine turned over.

We stopped for a chat on the way back, where a VERY discerning older gentleman admired me (at length, naturellement), and offered Simon a new engine and gearbox. I should be insulted, but the admirer was so charming it is difficult.


Tim said...

If the price is right a spare engine and gearbox are very useful.
Tim is looking to get me a set,

Célestine said...

Do you not think a Traction engine mat be trop forte pour toi?

Tim said...

Non.... 425cc est un peut trop lent!
Actuellement c'est un 425cc moteur et boite d'echange!